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The OAK-FFC-IMX378 is a carrier board for the Arducam PY011 IMX378 camera module. A 26-pin FFC is used to carry 5V power, 4-lane MIPI, I2C, and other control signals between the this camera module and the controller baseboard.

This OAK FFC module is compatible with any OAK FFC baseboard:

Hardware specifications

Camera module specifications

Camera Specs

Color camera


IMX378 (PY004 AF, PY052 FF)


81° / 69° / 55°


12MP (4056x3040)


Auto-Focus: 8cm - ∞

Max Framerate

60 FPS


1.8 ±5%

Lens size

1/2.3 inch

Effective Focal Length


Pixel size

1.55µm x 1.55µm


  • Width: 25 mm

  • Height: 24 mm

General information

  • 26 pin 0.5mm FFC interconnect to baseboard

  • 30 pin interface to IMX378 camera module

  • 4-lane MIPI

  • Aux/Control signals to camera module

  • 5V power input via FFC

  • On-board power generation for camera module

  • Design files produced with Altium Designer 20

Getting started

Camera module compatibility is known for the Arducam PY011 IMX378 module (and previously used Sunny A12N02A), but not tested for other modules. The FFC connector is an 0.5mm pitch, 26-pin, and bottom-contact, across which travels the 4-lane MIPI, 5V, I2C, camera clock, camera reset, and other optional control lines. 5V power is regulated down and filtered as appropriate to meet the requirements of the compact camera module and IMX378.

3D Models

  • Board STEP files here


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