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rae (short for “Robotics Access for Everyone”) is a small desktop robot developed for evaluation of the DepthAI ecosystem and rapid prototyping of robotics applications. It is designed to be a low-cost, easy-to-use, and extensible platform. It was brought to life by a successful Kickstarter campaign.

It’s built on top of the RVC3, which along with AI, CV, video encoding, and stereo depth features, also supports on-chip VIO and Sparse SLAM. rae is running ROS2 which handles path planning and navigation.

Specification overview

  • Uses RVC3 for the computation with 4GB RAM and 32GB eMMC storage

  • Front side sensors: 2x OV9782 wide FOV, 1x IMX214 (color)

  • Back side sensors: 2x OV9782 wide FOV

  • IMU: BMI270 6-axis IMU

  • Wheels: 2x GM12F-N20VAV DC motors with Hall sensor wheel encoders

  • Connectivity: Either USB-C (on the side of the robot) or WiFi (AP)

  • Battery: 5000mAh Li-Ion, about 1 hour of runtime

  • Microphone array: 6x I2S MEMS microphones, 60Hz - 20kHz

  • Speaker: 1W, 100Hz - 20kHz

  • Display: RGB TFT, diagonal 0.96”, 80X160 pixels

Camera Specs


Stereo pair / Color


IMX214 (color, PY138)

OV9782 (color, PY139)


117° / 105° / 88°

150° / 128° / 80°

Rectified Depth FOV


106° / 97° / 70°


13MP (4208x3120)

1MP (1280x800)


FF: 60cm - ∞

FF: 18cm - ∞

Max Framerate

60 FPS

120 FPS


2.2 ±5%

2 ±5%

Lens size

1/3 inch

1/4 inch

Effective Focal Length



Pixel size

1.55µm x 1.55µm

3µm x 3µm

RVC3 inside

This OAK device is built on top of the RVC3. Main features:

Dimensions and Weight

  • Width: 125 mm

  • Length: 125 mm

  • Height: 32 mm

  • Weight: 400g

Hardware specifications

  • Utilizes OAK-SoM MAX (OAK-SoM-Max-1 configuration)

  • Wireless card: Intel 9260 (via PCIe M.2)

  • Accessory USB-C (on top) works as USB3.0 host, so you can connect USB devices to it

  • USB-C charging port (on the side) is USB2, while Accessory USB-C (on top) is USB3

  • LED ring (around the bottom): 10 LEDs per side, in total 40 LEDs individually addressable via WS2812 protocol

Stereo depth perception

This OAK camera has a baseline of 7.5cm - the distance between the left and the right stereo camera. Minimal and maximal depth perception (MinZ and Max) depends on camera FOV, resolution, and baseline- more information here.

  • Ideal range: 40cm - 6m

  • MinZ: ~20cm (400P OR 800P, extended), ~37cm (800P)

  • MaxZ: ~10 meters with a variance of 10%

Extended means that StereoDepth node has Extended disparity mode enabled.

Getting started

See the documentation here on how to connect the rae to the RobotHub.

3D Models

3D models - STEP/STL of the enclosure and the PCBA - can be found here


Got questions?

Head over to Discussion Forum for technical support or any other questions you might have.